How to Support Us

There are many ways to be part of our activities and support our efforts. Here are some examples. 


Make a financial and/or material donation to support the environmental initiatives of CGN. For more information, contact CGN office. 

Buy Our Coffee

CGN has been promoting agroforestry Arabica coffee production in the Cordillera as a part of its reforestation projects. CGN also conducts seminars/workshops on coffee maintenance and processing to upgrade the quality of coffee produced in the region. By purchasing our coffee, you can support the coffee farmers in our partner communities in improving their livelihood and ecological sustainability. If you are interested in purchasing the green beans or roasted coffee beans, contact CGN office.

Be a volunteer/intern for CGN

Be a volunteer/intern and share your skills and knowledge in the development and implementation of our programs/projects. We accept short-term and long-term volunteers/interns throughout the year. If you are interested, contact CGN office. 

Join Our Study Tours & Workshops

Join our study tours/eco-tours and workshops. We organize various types of exposure programs such as tree planting tours, coffee harvesting tours, visits to organic farms, environmental education/art workshops etc. This is a great way to learn about environmental issues and experience the rich culture and nature in the Cordillera. We can also organize tours or workshops for groups and individuals based on your interests and schedule. Keep yourself updated with the latest tour/workshop information through our website, our Facebook page or contact CGN office